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Our company

CJay Tea & Co.has been proudly providing the Canadian market with quality teas and spices, since 1992. Our growth is due in large part to our reputation for consistent quality, variety and commitment to offering new products. Our offering includes 200 natural teas and spices available to our customers, ranging from single leaf/spice to blends and flavours and the rising popularity of custom blend options.

Our History

The evolution of CJay Tea & Co. and the array of fine quality products we offer to customers are born from great passion of our founder, Clara.
Clara was born and raised into a family of business entrepreneurs, in the tea and spice specialties, from the South Indian region of Kerala. Her family instilled in her a love for purity, a keen taste and a unique palate. And it could not happen in another way in this colorful region, where people come from all over the world to improve their body, soul and absorb the energy and atmosphere of Kerala. She developed a passion for cooking and brought flavorful and nutritious meals to her family’s table, choosing the finest quality ingredients she could source.

Upon immigrating to Canada and not finding similar teas and spices her family enjoyed back home, Clara made it her mission to bring India’s flavors to Canada and share the secrets of the best Indian flavors with others.
Gaining popularity at trade shows and local events, Clara started to develop her own blends and recipes based on requests for particular teas and spices. Following her passion and love of tea she proudly holds a trademark in Canada (1994) for the name “Masala Chai” after introducing her unique blend of the traditional beverage into the Canadian market.

CJay Tea & Co. has grown and evolved by our reputation for consistent quality, variety and commitment to offering new products. We love and care about our customers and the main company’s mission is to bring this love through the offering over 200 natural teas and spices, which are available to our clients, ranging from single leaf/spice to blends and flavors and the rising popularity of custom blend options.
We look forward to the future with the addition of Clara’s daughter, Ann, who since childhood also has been immersed in the magical world of tea and shares her mother’s passion. Visits to the tea and spice estates will continue and new travel ventures will be sought to discover and bring our customers new and exciting products.

Tea is not just a business for the company, and the people we work with are not just “consumers.” We handcraft our teas as spices as we would for our family. We create tea and spice blends, which we can be proud of, which you will want to enjoy again and again. With each product we are pleased to complement your table with the very best in flavors.

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