Sidha shampoo and soap


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Both Sidha soap and shampoo use herbs known to Ayurvedic practitioners for hundreds of years to create

Herbal extracts and Neem Bosilena in SIDHA SOAP give you a natural option to achieve healthy skin. High quality vegetable oils and herbal extract rich basil and Neem help your body to protect against external elements. SIDHA SOAP helps to prevent dryness of your skin.

Sidha shampoo is Natural hair care with four select herbs, each one well-known for its inherent goodness.

* AMLA (Indian Gooseberry : Botanical name : Emblica Officinalis )

* NEEM (Margosa : Botanical Name : Melia Azadirachta)

* TULSI ( Holy Basil : Botanical Name : Ocimum Sanctum )

* HENNA ( Botanical Name : Lawsonia Alba )

These Herbs have been used by Ayurvedic practitioners in India for hundreds of years. To nourish hair-roots, to provide a healthier scalp and condition hair - naturally.